StratexPoint is an integrated strategy execution and risk management solution built on Microsoft SharePoint.

StratexPoint enables organisations to clarify their strategic objectives, align their risk appetite and manage their key risks to enable the sustainable execution of their strategy.

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We will help you execute strategy while operating within your acceptable level of risk exposure.

Management “In the majority of cases, we estimate 70% of the real problem isn’t bad strategy, but bad execution.”
(Fortune Magazine 1999)
Appetite "Only 21% of organisations align their risks with their business strategy."
(Grant Thornton Corporate Governance Review 2011)
Management "Managers realise that no single measure can provide a clear performance target on the critical areas of business. They want a balanced presentation of both financial and operational measures."
(Harvard Business Review 1992)
Management "Almost two thirds of Risk Masters, 64% indicate that their risk management capabilities provide competitive advantage to a great extent"
(Accenture 2011 Global Risk Management Study)
Governance “The board is responsible for determining the nature and extent of the significant risks it is willing to take in achieving its strategic objectives. The board should maintain sound risk management and internal control systems.”
(UK Corporate Governance Code, Main Principle C.2)
& Communications "The best strategic plans in the world are not likely to be successful if they are not effectively communicated to those who must implement them: the employees."
(Graziado Business Review 2003)
Culture "Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast"
(Peter Drucker)

Risk-Based Performance Management

The methodology that underpins our software solution


Accepting and managing risk is necessary for success, but how much risk can an organisation take before it becomes unstable? Our book, written by StratexSystems CEO- Andrew Smart shows how risk can be managed as part of business strategy. Pulling together into a single framework the two separate disciplines of strategy management and risk management, this book provides a practical guide for organisations to shape and execute sustainable strategies with full understanding of how much risk they are willing to accept in pursuit of strategic goals.